Modern Antiques

The 21st century consumer demands irreverence, rarity and sophistication in equal measure.
We’re driven by a passion for rare, storied pieces and a commitment to continually unearth
objects that can set new milestones in 21st century interiors.

More Than Just Objects

Antiques will always have a place but there’s an emerging mindset which, to date, has been largely neglected. Whilst we are renowned for specialism in objects such as the Louis Vuitton trunk collection, we also have a far broader objective to inject energy in to this market, and in doing so cater to a growing passion amongst our clients for unique statements that provoke conversation and intrigue.

Uncompromising Standards

As second- and third-generation collectors, rarefied objects of desire have been in the blood for well over a century; this latest installment showcases Tim and Oli’s abiding interest in timeless design, unique creativity and truly authentic craftsmanship.